Escaramuzas Charras Ride In Dior Show Inspired By The Mexican Horsewomen

Escaramuzas Charras Ride In Dior Show Inspired By The Mexican Horsewomen

Dior’s newest collection is inspired by the beauty, bravery, and skill of las mujeres de la escaramuza charra.

Charreria, the original competitive rodeo, is a historic part of Mexican culture, so much so that it is recognized as the national sport of Mexico. 

It is an art form requiring impressive reflexes, focus, and puro nervio.

The original charros were the indigenous vaqueros and mestizo rancheros of early Mexico. 

The charreada, a series of events showcasing a charro’s horseback, herding, and lazo skills, is based on techniques they developed to work horses and cattle.

Escaramuza is its own event in the charreada, an opportunity for the women of charro to show their stuff.  It’s a thrilling display of precision horseback riding at break-neck speeds – and doing it sidesaddle.

(Women weren’t allowed to participate in the charreada until the 1950s, but they’ve since made up for lost time.) 

Escaramuzas carry on our traditions not only in their horsemanship, but in their beautiful costumes, which are a tribute to the «Adelitas», the soldaderas of the Mexican revolution who fought alongside their men.

Dior’s creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, was inspired by the bravery and skill of the horsewomen, and the beauty of their handmade, intricately embroidered costumes.

The famous fashion label’s newest collection features the elaborate embroidery, cotton lace, and sombreros of traditional escaramuza dress.

For the collection’s debut show, Dior flew out national champions Escaramuza Charra Rayenari, an 8-woman team from Pheonix, Arizona.

Dressed in custom Dior, the team opened and closed the show, galloping in the pouring rain and not missing a beat. [Watch below.]

Thanks to Dior for recognizing, and to the mujeres of Escaramuza Charra Rayenari for representing, the beauty and fierce spirit of our traditions, and our women.

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