‘No somos muchos, pero sí somos MACCHO’

Esteemed President Romero:

The Mexican American Classic Charrería Organization (MACCHO) was founded to preserve, protect, and promote the Art of Charrería in North America. As the United Farm Workers so valiantly fought against the politically commanding Alta California latifundistas for the rights of the Mexican bracero, MACCHO will fight tirelessly against the powerful campaign contribution friendly animal rights lobby for the charro his Right to Rodeo.

Since the first two stateside charro associations emerged in the 1950’s, animal rights proponents have targeted the charro and his rodeo (charreada) for extinction. Our organization has emphasized the FACT that anti-charro legislation is based on discrimination and racism. Our opinions and arguments are documented through the attached files that we trust you will find informative.

Mr. Eric Mills, founder of and coordinator for the California based national animal rights advocacy group, Action for Animals, exploits the UFW and its members to promote his anti-charro agenda arguing that if one Mexican speaks out against charrería then any reference to racism is invalidated. On March 24, 2021 Mr. Mills dispatched to 75 influential media outlets across the country a letter celebrating Mr. Cesar Chávez’s March 31st birthday anniversary which is commendable in and of itself. However, he included Cesar’s statement:  

“The following is an excerpt from a letter the great man wrote to me in 1990, words more timely than ever: ‘Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a civilized society. Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed against human beings or against animals, is not the exclusive province of any one culture or community of people. Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bull fighting and rodeos are cut from the same fabric: violence. Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we
have learned to live with ourselves
.’” (emphasize added)

Since 1993 this quote has been introduced at all legislative hearings and annexed to all animal rights initiatives regarding the condemnation of charro rodeo. Action for Animals continues to manipulate the UFW against the charro by inserting the following along with the Chávez quote:

“… and this from a 1993 letter from Chavez’s son-in-law Arturo Rodriquez, current president of the UFW: ‘The legislation concerning charreadas and the banning of the most dangerous and harmful of the events that you are currently trying to put through is worthwhile and much needed. Both of our organizations are striving to make improvements in the way our society thinks and acts. I support your efforts on behalf of animals and offer our assistance.’”

Using the ‘token Mexican’ strategy by animal rights activists permits Anglo American politicians to rule in favor of anti-charro legislation without being branded as racists.

Like the co-founder of the UFW, Don Cesar, many of the individuals you represent have a background in farming/ranching animal management skills turned competitive charro events. It is important to acknowledge that one of the pillars of the foundation of the UFW was Cesar’s brother Richard who designed the organizations ‘Mexican Aztec Eagle’ logo and who was an avid charro aficionado. He attended the 1993 XXIII charro National Finals at Riverside, California participating directly during the annual Federación de Charros General Assembly in which activist initiatives against the charro and his rodeo were vigorously condemned by him. These facts are documented in the November, 1993 edition of CHARRERÍA: El Deporte Nacional.

Difficult to gauge the extent the words of Mr. Chávez and Mr. Rodriguez have had on the outcome of the anti-charro propositions made by animal rights provocateurs on those legislators called upon to rule on charro rodeo events. We do not consider the views of these two gentlemen a reflection of the position of the UFW regarding the charro and his rodeo rather personal opinions that unfortunately have been instrumental in purging charreadas. As of this writing 12 states, 5 counties, and 2 cities have criminalized not less than two as many as half of the charro rodeo events. As recently as January, 2021 the Chávez/Rodriguez texts were cited in an attempt to recruit California congressional support to censure the charro rodeo event of steer wrestling, and the charro rodeo events of bareback bronc and bull riding were restricted by the city of Los Angeles in March of this year.        

The Mexican American Classic Charrería Organization respectively requests that the celebrated United Farm Workers issue an official statement acknowledging the influence the 500 hundred years of Mexican equestrian history, heritage, tradition, and culture has on the prominent United States La Raza population. The thousands of Mexican American charros and charras, along with the millions of stateside charro aficionados will greatly benefit from your support.

‘Sí se puede’

Edward F. Ramírez

Mexican American Classic Charrería Organization

No somos muchos, pero sí somos MACCHO

To: UFW – Teresa Romero, President; Giev Kashkooli, National Political Director; Victoria Ruddy, Pacific Northwest Regional Director   

ec: members of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators; members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus; members of the Los Angeles City Council; L.A. Mayor; L.A. City Attorney; Mexico’s Ambassador to USA; Mexican Cultural Institute – Washington, DC; Mexican Councils – CA, OR; Federación Mexicana de Charrería; National American Charro Association; charro advocates AZ, CA, IL, NM, NV, OR, TX; Hispanic Western Heritage PAC; L.A. Daily News; L.A. Times; East Oregonian; Hermiston Herald; Charrería al Día; Boletín Charro; Radio Korrekta; La Raza del Noroeste; Charro Virtual      


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